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calculator logo Welcome to the information page on the IMAG Drift Calculator.
The IMAG Drift Calculator is a utility to calculate the amount of pesticide deposits onto surface waters, due to spray drift after pesticide application on field crops. It was developed for IMAG, the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, located in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

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You can download the installation software below.

Latest calculator version:
Version 1.2 (release no. 1.2.001/2003.05.26)
Version history information is available here
The User Manual has a few errors.

Recently the IMAG Drift Calculator has been released as part of the SWASH project, particularly as a supplement of the TOXSWA model. Go to the FOCUS-SurfaceWater site for further information about SWASH and TOXSWA.
The version that can be downloaded below is newer than the version supplied with the TOXSWA model at the FOCUS-SW site (v1.1).

Important note on installing updates
Before installing a newer version it may be necessary to uninstall the previous version first, using the Add/Remove Software function in the Control Panel on your PC. These functions may have different names on different Windows versions. See Windows Help on your PC for further information.

Software download area
Below you can download a setup program (IDCsetup.exe) to install the IMAG Drift Calculator on your PC. The setup program will guide you through the installation process. It also creates a desktop shortcut and a program folder in the Start Menu.
The installation package contains four files:
   (1) the actual calculator program (idc.exe)
   (2) the PDF user manual (idcmanual.pdf)
   (3) the on-line help file to be used with the calculator (idc.hlp).
   (4) a readme file with installation info (readme_2.rtf).

To download the installation package, fill out the form below. The data in the form will be handled with care to respect your privacy. It will be used for registration of the software only, and to inform you about updates and similar notices. Your personal data will never be supplied or sold to third parties.

The installation package is about 4.5MB; if for some reason downloading this file is a problem, you can download a simple auto-extract file instead, which however does not create shortcuts.

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NB: Though the supplied software has been checked thoroughly, as always it is recommended to scan all downloaded software for possible viruses, before executing it.

Download simple auto-extract file
If for some reason the size of the standard installation package that can be downloaded above is a problem, below you can download a simple self-extracting file instead (IDCinst.exe, Winzip-based, ca. 1MB). However, this program does not create shortcuts or a folder in the Start Menu. If required, you have to create these yourself.
Fill out the form below to download the self-extracting program. The program installs three files, like the standard package above but without the readme file. An adapted readme file can be viewed here.

IMAG Drift Calculator - auto-extract file download
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